About Barbers Box

Ego Xcentric Hair Design in Overton

Robin Langley’s ambition is to make peoples lives better! Whether it’s giving the clients a great looking salon with an even better experience. Or empowering his employees to make their lives more enriched by positive thinking and gently guiding them to transform their lives for the better.

In 2006 Robin Langley opened Ego Xcentric Hair Design, set in an old run down Court House. He brought in higher standards of décor service than any other salon in the area. With Shiatsu massaging backwashes and hot towel treatment with exceptional high levels of service. He brought not only fashion forward hairstyles to his clients but gave them an exclusive experience.

Two years later he and his team opened a ground breaking new barbers, EGO X. The first barbers in the UK to have an alcohol licence, clients could enjoy a cool refreshing beer. Robin’s attention to detail and commitment to the highest costumer service meant that Shiatsu massaging backwashes, and hot towel treatments came as standard for every client. To complete the experience all his clients could enjoy signature wet shave, play the Xbox or watch the sport while they waited.

Ego X Hair Salon, Wrexham

Eighteen months later Ego X opened its doors in Chester bringing the same levels of service and customer care.

In the down turn Robin realised there where short comings in the traditional shop premises based barbers shop. Premises rents, business rates, water rates and lower foot fall passing the shops. The lower foot fall was not only due to the down turn but the rise of the internet, that has seen the slow demise of the high street.

The rise of the internet meant people do not need to come into town centres where they would pay higher prices. Barber shops in out lying areas could not command high enough prices to generate a high level of income.

The problem of footfall and charging decent prices for a quality service has been solved by the Barbers Box! The Barbers Box can follow the high footfall and charge higher prices than the traditional barbers.

Ego X Hair Salon, Chester

Robin Langley has over 25 years experience in the hairdressing and barbering trade, working abroad and appearing on international TV. With his strong work commitment and creative flare Robin has created a new business concept with huge potential.

Robin has developed the Barbers Box in conjunction with the talented designers and engineers from one of the world leaders in trailer manufacturing Ifor Williams Trailers. You can be rest assured that your Barbers Box is built to the highest standards and specification that is synonymous with the Ifor Williams brand.